The Cards of Fate

A Devilish Ritual

An adventure begins.

Session 1 Recap
- excerpts from the diary of Fel -

Hello, my friends. Its me, Fel! And today I have a short story of adventure from my earliest days of exploring. Just for you! Now listen up.
It was night in the village of Loudwater. Our group of adventurers had gathered early. The first of which was Pveriyan, the warlock. However, due to his horrible luck and heavy drinking, he passed out and had to be left in his room.
The rest of the troupe arrived soon enough. And once together, we decided what was to be done, hearing of a cave not so far away. However, I spotted the presence of a follower. Upon being seen, the man ran away, and Akkarin immediately gave chase. We followed him to a cave.
When we entered we saw that the man had led us into a trap! In the same room with him was another cultist and a kobold slave hauling corpses. The first to come down was the kobold, swiftly followed by the cultists. However, I used up his only action point to take down the last enemy.

After the encounter we scavenged for some valuable cups and pans, as well as some extra change from the dead cultists. The man they followed was in possession of demonic rituals and scrolls.

We heard noises in the next room. So we took a short rest and moved on, I attempted to lead the team with stealth, but failed…and we were caught by surprise instead. In the next room were a group of cultists, accompanied by a kobold. The room was bloody and off to one side was a pile of corpses.
The encounter ensued. The PCs attacked the cultists first, but were then met by the magic of an evil mage. In a failed attempt of an attack, I fell into a spike trap, gashing my leg. The rest of the fight against the mage was done by Akkarin and Balthazar, with Akkarin dealing the death blow, after failing earlier with his encounter power.

After the melee, we inspected the room for 20gp…not much. And in the midst of checking, we noticed the sounds of a ritual in the chamber beyond.
We continued on.

This time Balthazar managed to successfuly lead us stealthily into the next room.

The next room had a pile of corpeses, along with a lone ritual caster….talking in abyssal speech. In an attempt to stop the ritual, we blew our cover and ran for the ritual star…but it was too late. And the star itself opened up into a portal into the abyss, and from it came theLesser Demon Ntugwe. The demon started off with massive initiative and flew right into us, dealing heavy damage and gratuitous violence. The fight from there was long, back to his turn, the demon bashed Balthazar, dazing him and making him unable to attack. His next turn, he rammed a ritual table right at me, also dazing me and almost taking me down. The next attack took me down to 0 hp and I fell unsconcious. Akkarin, who had the chance to deal a final blow, missed outright, but in a moment of desperation, used his action point to finally slay the monster.

After the encounter, balthazar and akkarin helped an unsconcious me up and explored the rest of the chamber. The demon had disappeared in a dark mist…the ritual caster had gone, but had left some items in his stead: 120gp, a bloodrite knife, a kapala, antivenom, amulet of mental resolve and a glass cube we discovered was a SCRYING CUBE!

Huzzah and hooray!



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