The Cards of Fate

How The Party Gathered

A group of adventurers gather for a purpose.

- a short story by the DM

The door to the Green Tankard Tavern creaked open with a slight groan. The rotting floorboards creaked under the sound of heavy footsteps. Thumping. “Some gin, please,” a voice calls out. The figure sits down and rests his sturdy figure in the seat, and mutters to himself. “So Brother Horwal’s gone missing too, eh…”. The figure rests his head in the palms of his hands and slumps backwards. “Something strange is going down in this town, that’s for sure.” The dragonborn in the seat slowly closes his eyes and rests his mind, trying to hide away the fears that trickle into his thoughts.

He looks up at the wooden clock mounted on the wall. “It’s almost sundawn..” He chuckles to himself. “I should’ve figured they wouldn’t show up.” The clock ticks away, and just a few minutes later, a tall figure walks in – clothed in robes and carrying a satchel. He sits down by the dragonborn and places it on the desk. “Sorry I’m a tad late,” he says, “There was a good deal down at the apothecary…and you know how we wizards can’t resist a deal like that.” The dragonborn responds by snorting, and the wizard realizes he’d probably better be quiet.

Eventually, the dragonborn lets out a sound. “You think he’s going to show up?”
“Yeah, him.”“Well….I uh…I don’t know…tieflings aren’t the most co-operative of people.”

Just then, the door opens and the two figures at the table catch a glimpse of the sun setting before the door closes. The newly entered figure pulls up a chair and rests his hands on the desk. “Well, here I am. So what are we doing again?”

“Oh, Pveriyan – that’s your name, isn’t it? You made it after all.”
The dragonborn sits up. “So you’ve all heard about the rumors, I presume?”The wizard mutters. “Yeah…them kidnappings? People say it might be shadow snatchers, whatever they are.”
The tiefling pipes up. “People will believe what they want to believe. Whether they do something about it or not is a different question…I presume we’re doing something about it, am I right?”
The dragonborn eases back into his chair and smiles.
“No one else is.”

As the entourage talk, a bard in the corner can’t help but overhear the conversation. Despite having only been in town for two days, he’s heard the stories from some of his employers – people going missing in the night, disappearing without a trace, strange blood symbols found on homes…it was all a little eerie to someone like him. He decides to get a little closer.“Sorry to interrupt…but uh…what’s this about shadow snatchers?”
The group remains silent. The human bard slowly backs away.
“I don’t mean to intrude or anything, it’s just…”The tiefling interrupts. “Just something you want to know about, right? Sit down.”
The party explain the happenings to the bard, whose name they learn is Fel.
He seems unable to hold his excitement.
“It seems a little dangerous…but at the same time…a little exciting! Why not bring me along? I can be of great help.”
The wizard laughs: “hah, like a few songs would change our luck!”
The bard grins: “Bards are more than just entertainers, you know.”
The dragonborn slams his hands on the table, to the surprise of the two.
“So are we going to act? Or are we going to bicker?”

A moment of silence. Then the tiefling speaks.
“Let’s act.”

And so it begins.



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