The Dragonborn Paladin, who founded this group in his search for answers to a number of mysterious deaths


Age: 32
Race: Dragonborn
Eyes: Crimson red
Hair: None

Physical appearance: A large beast of a man, with correspondingly massive muscles. His scales are a fiery scarlet, and he towers above most others at a height of 2m.

For stats, check Akkarin’s character sheet on Sam’s dropbox.


Born into a fairly poor, but closely knit family in the city of Nyth, on the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, in the land of Thesk, Akkarin quickly learned that to eke out a living, he had to work with his brothers, whether to protect their family from theives or to fight their way out of a drunken brawl. One day, while searching for his younger brother in the forest of Lethyr, Akkarin came across a shrine to Kord. He heard the voice of the god, telling him he was worthy to be his champion, to spread his might and wisdom across the lands. Naturally, Akkarin was at first skeptical of this, but over the next few months, he found himself returning to the ancient shrine, wondering if it was really true. There, he saw Kord, and earned his blessings. He disappeared for a week, but returned home changed. He returned as a paladin of Kord. But his disappearence had not been good for his family. Without his fighting prowess, his brothers could not fend off an untimely attack from a bandit clan. They were dead. Akkarin then roamed Faerun aimlessly, drinking where he could and eating off the scraps of taverns. He was a broken man. But he was still a paladin of Kord, and his god would not let his champion fail his duties. Kord explained that Akkarin must let go of the past, for if he did not, he would lose his knighthood and become powerless. Eventually, Akkarin returned to his senses, and decided to fight the forces of evil with every sinew and muscle of his body, until his dying days. He returned to Nyth, to take his vengeance on the bandit clan that destroyed his life. He searched it’s underworld for months, finding no trace of them. He eventually decided enough was enough. He let go of his quest for revenge, and returned to fight the forces of darkness in the rest of the world. The incident had left a scar on his mind, and even though Akkarin is unaligned, he still has occasional cruel tendencies.


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